California University of the Pacific

Posted on Aug 18, 2013

California University of the Pacific



Many writers spend countless hours researching. All that time in libraries? Exhausting Internet Googling? Not for me. The best part of writing, for me, is making sh*t up. I’m good at it. It’s fun!

California University of the Pacific exists only in my imagination. I wanted to set the fat camp at a college simply because I liked the idea of high schoolers running around a college campus. I also like the odd juxtaposition of the two entities. College is usually¬† bent on broadening one’s mind and fat camp, well, broadening might not be one of its top objectives. I also like how beyond Utopia, there’s this vast world, and I think that mirrors how we all feel when we’ve been sequestered somewhere for our ‘otherness’. Yet, once we leave that teeny spot in the universe, suddenly our otherness doesn’t seem so burdensome.

So if I HAD to pick a place, I’d say that California University of the Pacific would look a lot like Stanford and exist in a town a lot like Berkeley.